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Sometimes it’s easier to avoid doing that thing you really want to do and stay busy doing other things. Why?  Because you know how to do those other things already.  The new thing you want to do, like learning a new language, writing a book, starting a business, or something as simple as starting a new workout routine, is the unknown.  The brain needs to be focused for something new. It can’t run on autopilot.  As the saying goes, “To be something different, you have to do something different.”

I gave this some thought this week and explored my own avoidances and feelings of overwhelm.  I’m building a consulting side business to help small businesses with financial consulting. When I think of why I don’t move forward in a particular area, I realize most often it’s because the path forward is not yet clear.  Once I’ve done some research, spoken with people, written down the risks, rewards, costs and benefits, the plan forward shakes out.  Once I know the path I can then develop a process, or steps, for doing that thing. It could be creating a marketing plan on how to contact and track progress of reaching potential clients more efficiently, to identifying a system for keeping organized to reduce time spent on administrative tasks.

When developing any processes, they have to be created with the thought of being repeatable and scalable. I never want to reinvent the wheel, I only want to make the wheel more reliable and faster, so the ride I’m taking on it is smoother and more enjoyable.

Once the specific process is developed and put into action (blockage removed), that thing I use to avoid doing because I wasn’t quite sure how to get done, which caused anxiety and worry, is now something I’m excited to do.




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