Life Categories:

Spiritual Connectedness, Relationships, Healthy and Fit, Career, Financial Stability, Intellectual Stimulation.

As you consider the six life categories on the vision plan diagram (in the book “Your Ultimate Life Vision, a Handbook for Life”), think about your current life situation.  Are you satisfied with where you are? Or do you want to be living your ultimate life experience? Reflected in each category circle is a statement that describes how your life will be in its best form.  Read the statement in each circle.  Can you agree with the statement confirming that your life indeed is as the statement indicates?

If you are not satisfied with where your life is today, start making strides forward by identifying how you want your life to be and create a list of action steps which will get you there. These steps, collectively, will be your goals within your Vision Plan.

Why a vision plan? Change cannot happen without first setting goals, and goals cannot be reached without having a plan. Your vision plan will challenge you to check your motivations. It will hold you accountable to moving forward in a positive, healthy fashion, and keep you from stalling or becoming paralyzed in a particular area of life.

Focus your mind forward by making your own vision plan using the template I’ve provided.  List four things in each area you can begin doing now. These are your action steps. One very important detail about the action steps is that they should always be positive, specific and measurable.

Do you keep looking at the past and letting old mistakes hold you back? That will surely keep you from moving to a more enjoyable life. Think forward and expect positive results.

“When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us.” – Helen Keller

In addition to writing down action steps in each life category, pick four words that have special meaning to you. These words should sum up what you need to do more of in order to open your life up to new opportunities. These will be your guiding foundational words.

For example, here are the first four words I choose:

Focus – Dream – Connect – Healthy

Focus: Focus clearly on all aspects of life and identify with whom am I spending my time. Are those people adding value or are they adding noise and distractions in my life?  Am I allowing anyone to keep me from having better values, more wealth, or peace of mind?  Am I doing what I really want to do for a living?  I need to focus more sharply on all six categories of my life, not just a few, and clear out the cobwebs. 

Dream:  Allow myself to dream and expect that my life can be what I dream it to be. I will be more aware of negative self-talk and internal thinking that tells me I’m not smart enough, rich enough, attractive enough, or lucky enough to reach my dreams.

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