Hello and Welcome!

My goal is to help people change their lives for the better by giving them a few simple tools with which they can use to create their own ultimate life vision.

Don’t accept that you have to go through life chasing a dream that seems unattainable, or giving up on your dreams altogether. You don’t have to go through life feeling like you’ll never get ahead or you’ll never get what you truly want.  You have the ability to make choices which will lift you from a place of struggling to thriving.

So many people are overwhelmed by financial debts due to chasing a distorted version of the American Dream.  They have been knocked down and set back financially by uninformed and hasty career and spending choices. They are letting their bodies and health go by not putting in the right amount of focus and discipline required to be in good physical shape. Instead, they hang on to the idea that they can at least look good if they try that trendy diet, get a shot of Botox, or get a little plastic surgery to fix the issues. Those won’t fix the issues on the inside.  They get into relationships ignoring character issues in themselves, and in their partner, and realize later that the relationship is not healthy nor is it growing. Put all these things together and that is the life of a lot of people.  Is this you?

With the help of family and friends, a Master’s Degree in Business, a career in finance interfacing with wealthy people, and a lot of wisdom from God; I came up with a basic, common-sense approach for doing life well. I got tired of going through the motions in life letting it take me where it would – an average career, average relationships, average health & body, and a lukewarm spiritual life. I yearned for a life of purpose and desired to live intentionally with excitement and joy.  I realized I needed a plan. That is when I developed a vision plan and took action.

I decided that what I really want are strong, meaningful, reliable relationships; a growing, challenging, fun career; a healthy and fit, sexy body; financial stability and the ability to grow my personal wealth. I want to be intellectually stimulated; and most of all, be spiritually connected with our creator.

Keep it simple. Start with a vision plan.

There are all kinds of experts with certificates and degrees to help in each area of our lives. Doctors, fitness trainers and nutritionists can help get our weight, health, and physical appearance under control. Financial advisers and CPA’s can help get our money under control. Psychologists and counselors can help get our relational, emotional, and behavioral issues under control. You get the picture. They all provide necessary services which we require at times. Have you noticed how the aspects of your life affect each other? When one gets out of whack the others feel the pain and act out. You may try to treat the symptoms in one, such as trying a trendy diet to lose weight; however the core issue causing weight gain in the first place could be a hurting or unhealthy relationship, career set back, or financial strife.

Your transformation begins with (1) examining each area (category) of your life, (2) writing down at least four action plan statements in each, (3) following your plans every day, and (4) acknowledging your progress. Here are the categories.

  • Spiritual Connectedness
  • Relationships
  • Career Growth
  • Financial Stability
  • Healthy & Fit
  • Intellectual Stimulation

Imagine what your life will look and feel like when you are living each area of your life to its fullest. Write down four action plans in each category that you can begin doing today to get you to there. This is your vision plan (Your Vision Plan). This plan and your vision board will propel you to dream, see, and live the life you want.

You’ll never have perfect balance in your life all the time. That would get boring. But the effort you put in while striving for balance should keep you on track.  On each life category page, I explain the significance of the category and how it is related to the others.  I welcome your comments and would enjoy reading about the steps you are taking in your own life to reach your life vision.

My dream is to change society for the better by generating enough examples (from all of you) which illustrate that it is possible to live the life you dream – a life filled with purpose, meaning and joy.  Your examples will provide encouragement to others and create a ripple effect of strength.

There is no better life than one lived intentionally, on purpose with purpose!

“Nothing happens unless first a dream”. – Carl Sandburg

You can read more in my book, YOUR ULTIMATE LIFE VISION, a Handbook for Life, available on Amazon.com.