Two weeks ago, I wrote about starting your 2017 vision plan (I call it ‘Vision Quest’) by going into the lab and taking a deep dive internally to come up with a few words which have special and powerful meaning to you specifically. Words matter and will focus you throughout 2017 to be a better, more successful, and content person.

I also went into my lab, and today, I’m revealing my words for Vision Quest 2017.  Here they are…

  • Presence: Be present with everyone in everything, in good and in uncomfortable situations – I will learn more about them, and they will feel heard.
  • Essentials: Do essential things only, let the rest go – focus on tasks that move the needle, don’t let the busy things detract me.
  • Energy: Bring energy – it brings everything up and makes life more exciting for everyone.

Now that these very important and motivating words have been chosen, it’s time to marinate on them and start choosing images. Select images your mind naturally moves toward.  They should reflect how you want to be, how you want to look, how you want to live, how you want your relationships to be, and what you feel passionately about that you want to do for a living. These carefully chosen images will be placed on your vision board, along with your words to guide your focus throughout next year.

Your 2017 Vision Quest is coming together! It’s getting exciting; next year is going to be a whole lot different than 2016. Your life is not random, you have purpose and were designed for something special.  Let’s tap into it and live it.