The Thanksgiving holiday is just two days away, and like everything else in life, it falls within the six areas of our lives. The two areas most effected, especially at this time of year, are relationships and spiritual connectedness. On Thanksgiving, we give ‘thanks’, but to who? For the past several years, my husband and I have hosted Thanksgiving dinner for 10 to 15 of our closest family and friends. Before the meal, as we share what is on our hearts, most often I hear thanks given to God for all the gifts bestowed – good health, a job, good career, a comfortable home, and not living in a cold snowy areal (ok, that’s because most of us grew up in a place like that). But more often, the most mentioned ‘thanks’ is for family and friends.  So, I’m offering three ways to say thanks to people who make a difference in your life.

1)        Tell people in person – Tell people face to face how they have impacted your life.  In this digital world, we live in, its easier to text or Facebook message people to tell them how we feel. Looking people in the eye and telling them, usually followed up by a hug, is the most powerful way to communicate.

2)        Call them – If you’re not physically able to meet with people, call them (Skype of Facetime even better).  Hearing someone’s voice is the next best thing to being with them in person.


3)        Write a note – Its best to tell people in person, or over the phone, however if for some reason that is not doable, perhaps it’s is a strained relationship, then write a note. A hand-written note is meaningful; however, we are in an instant messaging world, and trained to respond immediately to our incoming text tones. At the very least, sending a message of thanks and telling someone (even in a text message) how valuable they are to you, is a good thing.

With as many negative, scary, and painful things going on in this world, showing grace and love to as many people as possible is important and restorative. We need each other for good emotional and physical health.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!