It’s so hard to not be busy doing things.  Days are consumed by getting ready for work, getting to and from work, responsibilities on the job, taking care of a home, taking care of a family, planning, budgeting, trying to keep the wheels from falling off, and the list goes on.  How do you separate from all the stuff and come up for air?  For me, I love a good bubble bath. It’s a simple respite that provides rest for my body and mind.  I noticed over the past year I’ve been looking at my iPad and phone while relaxing in the bath.  Relaxing, really, while searching, ready, and texting?  I realized I was always in motion, even taking a bath.  What happened to resting and relaxing the mind, body, and spirit?  Technology, that’s what happened.  As great as it is, there is a place and time for it, and a place and time NOT for it.  So, I made a deal with myself to just ‘be’ and just breathe for 10 minutes straight and focus on an image of the most peaceful place I can think of (the beach).  Remembering how it felt to snorkel; all I heard was my own breath – inhaling and exhaling.  The rest of the world is silent. Listening to my own breathing brings everything back to simplicity, a sense of center, peace, and calm. Just breathe.JustBreathe