Make Up for Men?

Are you, or do you know a guy who would wear makeup?

I live in the Los Angeles area and while listening to a local talk radio station today, the host threw out the idea of a makeup line for men. The makeup line would be called “Manup”. The program host was soliciting callers to call in and suggest their best tag line for the new men’s line of makeup.  What would you have suggested?

Let me back up.  The program is call Business Rockstars. Basically, it is a forum for entrepreneurs to exchange ideas and get candid feedback on their business start up ideas. If they are lucky and have a really good idea and pitch, they may get connected with people who can propel them towards their dreams.

Although the callers competing for the best tag line for this new endeavor were men, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to call and take a shot. So, they took my call and asked what I thought the tag line should be.  My tag line was, “Its your look, own it!” They said it was good, but I don’t know how high it actually ranked on the list.

After that call I thought about makeup for men, and women for that matter.  We use makeup, clothes, accessories, and sometimes surgeries to make us feel more confident about ourselves. We do this because we look around us and want to present the best image of ourselves that we can to the rest of the world.  Some people take this to extremes and are miserable, even if on the outside they look well-preserved. The reason behind my tag line, “Its your look, own it!”, that I wish I would have said on the air in LA, is that we are all not born with great looks.  If someone wants to enhance their look with a little boost of whatever, more power to them.  I like the way I look with a little mascara and eyeliner. I even wear it when no one is around. That said, no matter if you wear makeup or not, I think we are the most attractive when we simply own our look and not apologize or are ashamed of it.

Some of the most attractive people to me are the people who have physical imperfections.  That makes them unique.  The thing that makes them remarkable, is that they don’t try to be perfect according to the standards perceived by the media, Hollywood, or society in general. They just live life boldly, with vigor and laughter.

Do you own your look?