This is the time of year when we hear people talk about New Year’s resolutions.  Bla, bla, bla.  We sit back, eat, drink, and be merry while we say things like, “I’ll start eating better and exercising more after January first.”  We slap the title of New Year’s ‘resolution’ on it and think that will magically make us do what we’ve said we would do. Has it worked for you yet?

Webster’s dictionary defines the word resolution as the act or process of resolving as: the act of analyzing a complex notion into a simpler one; the act of answering (solving); the act of determining. And it defines the word commitment as an agreement or pledge to do something in the future.  Do you see the difference? Having a resolution is good in that you’ve identified specific things you want to do, or changes you want to make. However only when you commit, will you move those plans forward into the future. Resolutions without a commitment are powerless words.

If your resolutions don’t have a vision in front of them and an action plan behind them, you may as well eat another cookie.

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