In sticking with the mountain climbing theme; have you ever made the choice not to go after something you wanted because that mountain looked too high to climb?  For example, deciding not to put in the time, effort and resources necessary to change careers, get a new job, try a new sport, or start a nutrition and exercise program to lose weight.  It can be like snow skiing or mountain climbing; when at the bottom looking up, the mountain looks daunting, almost impossible, dangerous, too high, and too scary to climb.  But just maybe, you are imagining the mountain is higher than it actually is because of past experiences (prior failures) or people (negative, unsupportive) in your life who have told you you’ll never be able to make it to the top.  So you don’t even bother starting.

Instead of measuring how high the mountain is before you attempt it, go for the climb anyway and make that assessment afterwards.

Doug Hammarskjold summed it up this way, “Never measure the height of a mountain until you have reached the top.  Then you will see how low it was.”

Don’t limit yourself and what you can achieve in life by thinking you are unlucky, you’re not smart enough, not rich enough, etc.  Go for it!

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