During a recent conversation with my friend Lori Williams, who was catching me up on all of the exciting activities going on in her life – she is an Author (“Business Simply Put”), a Professor of Entrepreneurship at USC, a business owner, and an accomplished rock and ice climber; she told me a fellow rock climber summed her up by stating, “Lori, you are either a now, or not now person.”  What does that mean?

As a self-proclaimed planner and decision maker, I knew exactly what that meant!  Peter F. Drucker articulates it this way, “Long-range planning does not deal with future decisions. It deals with the future of present decisions.”

When climbing extreme rock formations and literally hanging on by her fingertips, she can’t be thinking about ‘not now’ (…What am I going to have for dinner tonight? Which new smart phone am I going to buy?…Will Obamacare be repealed?…).  Thinking about the ‘not now’ stuff will surly keep her from succeeding today.  She has to be thinking about ‘now’ in order to survive today (…Where is my next safe toe hold? I must have the right momentum to hoist my body to the next spot, and hope it sticks. Do I trust the skills and abilities of the people around me?…).  These concentrated, strategic thoughts will produce the right actions today (‘now’) to ensure her success in the future (‘not now’).

Conversely, when she is working for one of her business clients, teaching in the university classroom, or working on a book, she is focused on the goal for that day (‘now’), and not thinking about where her next climb will be (‘not now’).

Having a well thought-out vision for the future (‘not now’) is important, but being disciplined in how we get there each day (‘now’) will determine if, and how fast, we reach our dreams.

The thrust of my new book, Your Ultimate Life Vision, is about these exact points. It encourages readers to have a long-term vision (‘not now’) and provides visual tools and interactive exercises to assist in keeping that vision balanced and in the forefront of the mind.  The long-term vision (‘not now’) however, cannot be successfully achieved if the focus is purely long-term.  The long-term vision (‘not now’) can only be mastered, through the decisions we make today and every day (‘now’).  Our behavior and choices are the vehicle and fuel that will carry us to victory.