Do you have good life stories to tell?

This week as I was thinking about different people I’ve met over the years, I realized some of them have very interesting and funny stories to tell. The kind of stories that keep me hanging on the edge of my seat waiting anxiously for the next morsel. Some make me laugh until my stomach hurts. And yet others unexpectedly cause a light bulb to flip on inside my head, and motivate me to action.

I noticed a couple of common personality themes between people who have good stories to tell and those who don’t. Any guesses what they might be?

What I noticed, is that people who are positive, self-deprecating, humble, and have an overall driving attitude to succeed, have great stories to tell.  They’ve stepped out boldly to experience life,  stepped up to responsibilities, and reached out with compassion to help others. Positive energy attracts positive energy.

Those who don’t have good stories to tell are people who tend to be negative thinkers, pessimistic, and consumed with blaming others for their own poor circumstances. When someone is so focused on defending and justifying his or her less than favorable life, they blind themselves to new opportunities and people who could help them succeed.

Having a positive, persevering attitude helps overcome life’s hurdles. It opens doors to new opportunities and relationships. This type of attitude makes up the fertile soil where the seeds of good, inspirational stories will sprout. What are some of your best stories?