Have you ever thought about how much life is like a hiking trail?

While hiking Boney Mountain, a local mountain in Thousand Oaks, CA a few weeks ago, I noticed some similarities between life and the trail I was on.  Here they are…

  • Some parts of the trail were wide.  Like life, sometimes we have space and thrive.
  • Some parts of the trail were narrow.  Life life, sometimes we get squeezed.
  • Some parts of the trail were rocky.  Like life, sometimes our relationships are on the rocks.
  • At times my foot slipped. Like life, at times we lose our footing and search for a safer vantage point.
  • Some parts of the trail were steep and required a lot of extra effort.  Like life, sometimes its an uphill climb and we have to put all our strength into it to succeed; wondering when it will get easier.
  • Some parts of the trail were downhill.  Like life, sometimes we get a breather and get to coast for a period of time.
  • Some parts of the trail I had to watch my footing more carefully.  Like life, if we are prudent, we watch our steps and how we behave more closely.
  • Some parts of the trail I had to take big steps up to keep mvoing forward.  Like life, sometimes it requires us to take bold steps up in order to keep moving forward.
  • Some parts of the trail required me to keep momentum when stepping up and over big rocks. My momentum propelled me to the next level. Like life, once we have momentum we must keep it going to achieve a forward pace in order to reach the next level.
  • Most of the trail called for focused concentration and balance.  Like life, we must focus and balance all the aspects of our lives to to truly be successful.

Reflecting back, for all of the challenges the trail presented, the payoff was the journey and the amazing view of the Pacific Ocean and mountain ranges from the top.

As you hike towards your dreams, enjoy and learn from each step of the journey along the way.