Healthy & Fit, Intellectual Stimulation

Have you been thinking about how nice it would be to get away from home for a few days and experience a new, cozy and relaxing environment?  And then you think of the cost involved, time constraints, or the traffic you would have to fight?  You have other options!

Pick a room in your home and change it.  Clean it, paint it, get a new fun colorful rug, rearrange the furniture, create a new flow to the room.  Add some candles and warm lighting.  Put new pillows, a comforter and sheets on your bed (like the poofy white ones you see in resort hotels).  You’ll look forward to sliding into the smoothness of the new bedding.   Trade out your old crunchy, shrunken bath towels from a million washings with big soft fluffy new ones.  Then wrap yourself in luxury when you get out of the bath or shower.  These small changes will let you feel like you are in a new  place, without a lot of expense or the travel time to get there.

Take bubble baths with lavender and eucalyptus aromas, lots of candle light while sipping a glass of champagne.  You don’t have to have a reason to relax.  Do it for your health and peace of mind.

Lastly, if you are used to living in clutter, get rid of it!  Our environment affects the way we feel, and how we feel affects how we behave.   Think of how you feel when you walk into a model home; the lounge at your favorite restaurant; or the lobby of a five star hotel.  Do you see clutter?  No, you see open inviting clean spaces with cozy lounging furniture, textured rugs, colorful pillows, fireplaces, candles, warm recessed lighting, perhaps a water feature, and cool playful art that pulls the eye toward it.  This environment beckons you to stay and relax.  You can create the same feel in your home and patio.   It takes a little work to create a lot of enjoyment afterwords.