Career Growth

In responding to my last blog, someone asked what I meant by “Path”…

I am referring to a general life path (i.e. career, family, health, etc.) we all create our own paths.  Not every one will be president, but every one has the opportunity to try.  Not every one will be a successful actor, but every one has the opportunity to try.  I caught an interview with Chelsea Handler, a comedian who has her own TV talk show on the E Television network and three books on the bestseller list.  Not my personal taste in books or TV show, however I agree with her mind set.

She didn’t limit her own dreams by the people around her that said she “couldn’t” or”no”.  According to her interview, she didn’t even go to college or study literature, and she is more successful, professionally, that most people that go to college.  She believed in herself and said, “You only need one yes to be anything you want.”

Carol Burnett had a similar story.  When she was a young girl living on welfare with her mother, she imagined she would act on Broadway.  She had no idea how she would get there, because they did not have the money for schooling, travel, etc.  She hung on to that dream and an unexpected benefactor gave her just enough money to go to drama school at UCLA.  Another benefactor gave her just enough of a loan to go to New York to try out for a play…she was discovered and ended up with her own successful,12 yr running TV show, when TV variety shows were still pioneering.

Sometimes we think we need to know the path that will lead us to happiness and success, when often, success is waiting for us if we just keep persevering, and working to master our own unique craft.  That is biblical wisdom!

That is what I mean by ‘path’.   We can be just as successful as anyone else, or more, without traveling the same life route they did.  And that is a very motivating and encouraging reality to me!