Intellectual Stimulation

This past weekend Brian and I spent a couple days of much needed connection time meandering through the Paso Robles wine country in California’s central coast.  It is an enchanting area filled with rolling geometric vineyards, white farm fences surrounding hundreds of open green grassy acres seemingly owned by cows and horses spread out here and there nibbling away.  Car windows down, warm breezes blowing, it seemed like we were on a friendly roller coaster ride feeling the curves and swooping corners of the Spanish moss covered tree lined Peachy Canyon road.  The biggest decisions of the day?  Which winery to stop at next?

The reason I share this lovely time with you relates back to my Vision Board from a couple years ago (see Your Vision Board).  If you’ve read my Vision Board page you’ll see that after putting a picture of an attractive man and a piano on my board, I actually met this wonderful man who is a classically trained pianist.

Flash forward a couple years later and it further relates to our recent experience in the wine country.  You see, we picked a random winery (Norman Vineyards)  and to our complete surprise, there was a grand  piano at the entrance to the wine tasting room.  To the dismay of the folks in the wine tasting room, Brian sat down and played a classical piece.  On the way home, Brian received an email from the proprietor Mr. Norman!

Vision Board or coincidence?