Society tells us we will be happy if we look and live a certain way, however some where in the process of grasping at all of the things society offers, in an effort to be happy and make others happy, we end up unsatisfied, empty, and living paycheck to paycheck.   My vision for your life is to help you re-frame your life from the inside out, so that you can create a new life vision for yourself.  A life vision that is healthy, filled with purpose and love, and gaining a more secure financial footing.  Who wouldn’t want a better life they can see, feel and experience?

“By pulling off the world’s artificial layers and lies, let the masterpiece that is you come out” – Pastor Drew Sams

By using the tools I’ve created, accompanied by common-sense and the desire to live a better life than ever before, you will experience a more enjoyable and fulfilling life.  Remember, a good life is not about reaching a destination, rather how we enjoy the experience of creating it one day at a time.  That said, we need to visualize a destination in order to stay on the right track.  In other words, if you don’t have a map, you are destined to wander in the desert aimlessly; then one day looking back and saying, “Wow, look how close I was to that beautiful oasis, and didn’t even know it!”

I have identified six life categories which encompass the various aspects of our lives.  Spiritual Connectedness, Relationships, Career Growth, Financial Stability, Healthy & Fit, and Intellectual Stimulation.  By first reviewing the six life category pages, you will begin to understand why they are so important to us, why we should take care of each of them, how they intercept with each other, and that when they are handled with care, they form a strong foundation for an amazingly rewarding life.

Your formula for success starts with creating your personal Mind Map and then your Vision Board.

But first, in order to get where you are going, you have to decide where you are going, and get your destination in sight.   Review the Mind Map tool (see Mind Map page), and think about how your life would be better if your six categories were operating at their best.

I would enjoy the opportunity to address any questions you have and to help you through the process, and to hear your success stories.  I look forward to hearing from you!